The International Art Trail is a 38km long walking route in the German state of Brandenburg.   Brandenburg surrounds Berlin, the capital and city-state.

International Art Trail

The art trail has art “installations”, such as the overturned cows on the from the cover page.   I was too distracted following the route on my smartphone, and guiding 24 people to really pay any attention to the art.  In fact, I only seem to have a single photo of the “art installations”.

It was a nice relaxing walk through this route.  The highlight was the weather, overcast, misty and with a bit of rain.  It makes you feel closer to nature.

As I write these blogs, I have realised I don’t really enjoying writing about the experience.  You can’t really do justice to the experience in words.  But, I did make the commitment to this project, so will have to find enough words for the next four years.

The important thing here is that I do, see or learn something new, once a week, for five years.   I’m about to celebrate the one year anniversary, since I started this blog.

More information on the International Art Trail.