I have been to Florence, so it was not really within the rules to count Florence as my activity for this week.   In fact, the main thing to do in Florence is eat and drink.   The food and wine is the best I’ve had anywhere, and I plan to return to Florence later this year to visit my favourite pattiserie.

On a walk to one the highest points in the city of Florence, we discovered a Basilica with a cemetery. This cemetery was quite different to others as I suspect this is where wealthy locals are buried.  In fact, the author of Pinnochio, Carlo Collodi is buried here.  A former Italian Prime Minister also lies here.

The decorations adorning these plots would have been very expensive.   From one perspective, it is hard to understand why you would spend so much money on headstones.   But, you can also appreciate that a family has just lost a loved one, and these elaborate headstones are the last thing they can do for their lost family member.   One thing that is striking is that after 50 or 100 years, these headstones and those buried beneath are forgotten as there might not be anyone left in the family or they may have moved.

More information on the San Miniato al Monte Basilica & Cemetery.