Since I moved to Berlin in June 2015, I’ve been organising and attending events with a Berlin based restaurant group.  The group is hosted on Meetup and attracts a diverse crowd.   While I enjoyed organising events though this group, I found the focus a bit too narrow – on restaurants, and the owner of the group was absent.  In fact, I’ve never met him.

This made it difficult to grow the group in terms of organisers.  The more organisers the better, as that meant the same organisers did not have the responsibility to setup new events.

So, I decided to venture out and create a new food & drink related group.  My goal was to have within 15 active organisers within 12-18 months.   If on average each organiser setups a single event each month, we would have 15 events per month and the task of organising events would not lie with a small group of organisers.

The group is now two months old and has been more successful than I expected.  This month we’ve had 5 different organisers setup new events.   I now need to create some “How To” guides so that brining on new organisers is more streamlined.

The biggest challenge on Meetup is no-shows.  These are people who signup for an event, but then don’t show up.   Given that we have to make reservation at restaurants, no-shows are an unnecessary hassle.   Part of the challenge of the new group is to find ways to deal with this.