2015-08-13 22.08.56-1-1-2Neue Heimat is Berlin-style funky outdoor bar in Friedrichshain. It means New Home in German.

This week I moved to Berlin to follow a nine year dream to live and work in this city.   I first came here in the summer of 2006 and loved the place.

In 2006, it was a long weekend trip, but I saw very little of Berlin as hung around Rosenthaler Platz – drinking, eating and sleeping.  I didn’t see or do anything a normal tourist did, and well, just enjoyed doing nothing and relaxing a bit too much.  I returned to Berlin that winter, but discovered the harsh cold weather.

It has taken a long time to make this move.   I first thought it would be difficult given the language barrier and actually getting a work visa.   I finally spent a year in Berlin in 2012 & 2013 on a long holiday.  I did intensive German classes on a daily basis, and just enjoyed being here.

I finally got my work visa after many delays due to German bureacracy.   And here I am, living the dream in Berlin.   But, it does feel different this time as I actually have to make a life here.   Find a job, have an income, make new friends, find a place to live and all the other bureacractic issues I have to deal with.

My German is not yet fluent, though I have done a lot of work on it and need to keep working on it over the next year or two.  I don’t want to live in an expat “bubble”, so learning German is not optional.

The photo below is of the Sony Centre at Potzdamer Platz.  In my view it is very un-Berlin as it feels like Las Vegas.   I suggest you watch this blog for more Berlin-like photos!


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