I am enjoying seeing, learning and doing new things as part of this blog.  But, I am struggling with the writing part.   I am new to writing and have not yet developed a writing style.

For this post, I feel like I must write about the history of law enforcement in Sydney.  But, this topic is quite boring and re-gurgiating what I saw at the museum seems a bit pointless.

The two photos are of Ada and Hazel McGuinness.  The mother and daughter pair have been arrested on numerous occasions for cocaine and counter fitting offences.   This was back in 1929.  Who would have imagine cocaine was also a problem 80+ years ago.


While it was interesting visiting this museum, what was obvious was Sydney’s limited history.   The city has only been in existence for a few hundred years, and even then, part of it was as a village, town or colony.  It is hard to compare Sydney to an European city that has been around for 1,000+ years.

One thing about the museums I have recently visited in Sydney – they contain too many “photo” exhibitions and lack real and tangible things.  Talking about real things, the best museum I’ve been to is the Vasa Museum in Stockholm.   The museum houses the 17th century warship Vasa, which was sunk in 1628, and salvaged 300+ years later in 1961.  Now, this is a super museum!

How to get to the Justice & Police Museum: 4/8 Phillip Street, Sydney 2000